Residential and Commercial Asphalt Services

Although there are several companies that offer asphalt paving services, not all can rival the level of quality that Truseal America in Inver Grove Heights, MN provides. In the event you want an asphalt pavement in your home or office, count on our experts to get the job done right. Here are some distinct benefits of asphalt:

Numerous Safety Features

The smooth finish of asphalt increases the skid resistance of passing vehicles, reduces splash-backs, and improves the visual distinction whenever there are road markings. Also, asphalt is effective in keeping roads free of snow and ice.

Eco-Friendly Material

Asphalt essentially has no life cycle and can be recycled over and over again. This helps reduce waste and preserves our planet’s natural resources.

Durability and Resistance

Without question, asphalt is capable of withstanding even the harshest weather imaginable. On top of that, it can absorb the weight of heavy vehicles, such as trucks.